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All local scholarships will be added here as we receive them.  Mrs. Scott has added all other scholarships to the Senior Google Classroom.  Please make sure that you are checking that regularly. 

Jackson County Community Outreach is very proud to announce that we will be awarding 17 scholarships to students in Jackson County in 2022!

These scholarships are awarded, exclusively, to seniors who attend high schools in any of the three school systems in Jackson County.  The breakdown of scholarships is listed below:

  • JCCO TRADITIONAL Scholarship (9 @ $1000 each) – students at each high school have the opportunity to receive this scholarship, provided that they meet the criteria, through the application and interview process.
  • JCCO TECHNICAL-INDUSTRIAL Scholarship (6 @ $2000 each) – students who are planning to attend a technical college and qualify based on specific technical-industrial skillsets training, listed in the application Appendix A..
  • TOM LEWIS LEADERSHIP Scholarship (1 @ $1500) – One student will receive this scholarship by meeting the criteria for the JCCO scholarship, and showing evidence of leadership in school, community, and or church activities.
  • JIM SCOTT VISIONARY Scholarship (1 @ $2500) – One student will receive this scholarship by meeting the criteria for the JCCO scholarship, and showing evidence of leadership and service to others (volunteering, community service) through school, community, and or church activities.

**Please note that the JCCO scholarships are to be divided among the four high schools (based on student qualification).  The JCCO Technical-Industrial, Tom Lewis Leadership, and Jim Scott Visionary scholarships will be awarded to the most highly qualified applicants, regardless of the high school in which they are enrolled.

To qualify for any of these scholarships, students must show evidence of:

*a minimum Grade Point Average of 2.5

*school/community involvement

*need for financial assistance

*Willingness to participate in an interview, if selected to move forward

As a reminder, here are some things to consider with our application:

  • Applications must be typed.  We will not accept hand-written ones.
  • Students must attach a copy of their college acceptance letter. If that isn't available yet, one will be required prior to awarding the actual scholarship.
  • The application deadline is February 15.
  • Students are asked to provide their Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) from the FAFSA. The scholarships do have a need-based criteria and the interview committee needs as much information as possible to make decisions.

Tips for actually completing the application:

  • Works with Chrome and Firefox but NOT Safari
  • Use Adobe Acrobat Reader or download it to personal computer from our application page
  • Download the application and open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Select File + Sign option
  • Once completed, student can use the Send feature to request additional signatures.