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Parents can enroll online by the use of a dedicated secure enrollment website or by calling 877-444-5014. The website address is . On this website, parents will be able to:
• View all of the coverage and premium options
• Review a Frequently Asked Questions section
• Purchase the insurance using a credit/debit card and receive an instant and printable confirmation of what they purchased
This electronic enrollment is a win-win-win situation. It allows the parents to purchase the coverage on a real time basis, it allows the school district to reduce its involvement in the enrollment process, and it enables Markel Insurance Company to more efficiently administer the program.
The key to the success of this electronic enrollment is that the parents of your school district be made aware of the website. Student Accident insurance is becoming more and more important to families due to lack of other insurance for their children or having major medical plans with ever increasing deductibles & co-insurance requirements. Our Student Accident insurance program helps families cope with these issues in a very cost effective manner. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that school district officials widely publish the address to allow all parents to review the information and determine its value to their individual family’s situation. We ask that your district webmaster create a Student Accident section on your district website in a place where the parents will see it. The above URL should be placed as a direct link in this section. Doing so will enable parents to go directly to the website.