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Dress Code

Students are expected to come to school dressed neatly and in good taste at all times. Dressing in any manner that would be disruptive to the learning environment will not be acceptable. The rules for student dress, which are listed below, should serve as basic guidelines to all students for school and school functions. Students who violate the dress code will be assigned to In-School Suspension unless the student can produce appropriate clothing to change into or call someone to bring appropriate clothing to the student. IF the student spends more than half of the day in ISS, the day will be counted ISS and the student will lose privileges. (Examples: Exam exemption, senior privileges, etc.)
1. Hats, caps, stocking caps, hooded sweatshirts/shirts, bandanas, and various other types of head coverings are NOT to be worn inside ANY part of the school building by boys or girls. (Exceptions: Head covering may be worn inside with permission of principal for religious reasons or due to an operation or accident involving a head injury.
2. Shirts and dresses with any visible thin straps that are less than 1.5 inches in width must be worn with another shirt at all times.
3. Shirt lengths must be long enough to completely cover the student’s stomach, sides, and back at all times. (Including shirts worn underneath overalls.)
4. When standing relaxed with arms straight by the student’s side, the length of shorts, dresses,skirts, and overalls must be as long as the student’s longest finger. The length of cut-off shorts must also meet the above requirement where the shorts begin to unravel.
5. All clothes are to be properly fastened while at school or school functions. (i.e. Straps fastened, belts buckled, zippers zipped)
6. Any type of pants or shorts must be worn at or above the top of the student’s hip bones at all times.
7. Students are not to wear clothing on which logos of alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, profane language, “off color” or offensive words, sayings, or phrases appear.
8. Students are to wear shoes, sandals or boots.
9. Students will only be allowed to wear prescription contacts (without unnatural color or design).
10. Examples of inappropriate dress include-pajama pants, bedroom slippers, pants with holes, and undergarments should not be visible.
11.Students are not to wear coats longer than waist length or trench type coats.
12. When leggings or tights are worn, the shirt, skirt or dress covering them must be as long as student’s longest finger.